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Our Aura Color, Soul and Life Destiny

While working from home and need to be socially distanced these days, realizing self-motivation is very important. In order to keep life routine moving and going on, continue to work hard and still meeting friends in a small group. There was one evening someone talked about aura color, which stimulated me to discover what it is about?

Aura color is actually the light and colors accompanying our body include all colors of the known spectrum. It can emit light patterns that coincide with personalities, moods, life experience. The aura color shows a person’s emotional state, spiritual well-being, and personal power, etc. 

Aura colors are red / pink, blue / indigo, magenta, orange, yellow / gold, brown / tan, green, violet / lavender, white/ crystalline, black. Regardless of which color is surrounding your body, a person who has personal troubles will naturally show an aura color that seems to pervade all others. In contrast, a person with a balanced life will exhibit a virtual rainbow of aura colors. No person is without any one color, and it cannot be said that any aura color is distinctly positive, or negative in nature.  Healthy and truly self-aware individuals will display aura colors that fluctuate regularly and reflect aspects of normal living.

If a person displays a rainbow of aura colors who's likely to have a balanced life and eventually will lead to positive outcomes in their lives, in their relationships, work, and experiences, etc. This makes sense because it attracts similar kinds of people and energy in the universe while it is also vice versa to those who got the opposite. 

So how do we keep a strong and rainbow of aura color? Simply maintain a positive and simple mindset can do.

If you deserve a positive life and outcome, please do share your thoughts with us! 

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