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Our Story

In the beginning of 2020, there was breakout of coronavirus in Hong Kong as well as other countries. Majority of the people were being arranged to work from home. 

As a result of a dramatic change of society's stability and people's working style, we decided to develop this site where could start off a new working mode especially during the critical moments. 
Our Concept Behind: 
Let's share Arty Fashionist's concept behind, to live as if we could be ourselves, always maintain our own characters no matter in which stages in our lives. 


As Arty Fashionist 's customers: 

Being our customers you won't just buy a product but instead we share our unique approach to luxury & fashion with you. Our designs are in line with the latest trends, and could fit into your styles. 

Our Brand Styles: 





unique, love, fashion, jewelry, approachable

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